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PSU Input Type Power Automatic Adaption Feature Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238661D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-10
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Disclosed is a technology related to a PSU input type power automatic adaption feature.

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PSU Input Type Power Automatic Adaption Feature

1. The invention intends to solved the power loss when the AC PSU supply apply to DC input power.

2. One known solution is about creating the new model for DC input power which known as DC PSU. Another solution is to apply DC power to AC PSU directly.

3. The drawback of the known solution DC PSU is about developing/maintaining cost increasing to obtain both AC and DC PSU. The drawback of another solution is no efficiency benefit when DC power apply into AC PSU.

4. The DC PSU solution is required for the higher efficiency/lower power loss purpose.

5. At least 1% efficiency gap comparing between AC and DC PSU in same condition load.


The idea is about two type input power integrated into one PSU by automatic sensing input power to adapt to the corresponding line/neutral power loop in PSU, hence gain power saving when DC power apply.


PSU's microprocessor sensing the PSU input side to get the input type information, and control the switch to adapt the corresponding power loop. If AC(alternative current) power apply to PSU, the power flow will go through the following loop, EMC filter->synchronous rectifier->power factor correction circuitry->boost convertor->transformer. If DC(direct current) power apply to PSU, the power flow will go through following loop, EMC filter->transformer. Which means when DC power apply into the PSU, we can reduce the power loss from the synchronous rectifier,...