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Apparatus to Enable Mobile NFC and Bluetooth Technology on Server for Serviceability Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238679D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-11
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Disclosed is related to an apparatus to enable mobile NFC and Bluetooth technology on server for serviceability.

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Apparatus to Enable Mobile NFC and Bluetooth Technology on Server for Serviceability

Today the industry uses LED or LCD display solutions for Server PFA service indication like below:

(1) One solution uses a single line matrix type display on their 1U & 2U products.

(2) One solution uses a lightpath for server diagnostics for information display and moves to LCD dual line matrix type display.

(3) While no with a display panel, one solution provides more immediately identifiable information than we have today with a lightpath for server diagnostics but has LCD on some Tower models.

Drawback on those solutions:

(1) Limitation on information display, LED, or dual lines text LCD.

(2) Cannot fit and support both RACK and Tower (orientation problem). Cannot fit high dense storage model.

(3) Difficult for datacenter IT administrator use in a tall 42U rack environment.

(4) Less motivation for client to learn and use it.


A Server with NFC + Bluetooth technology to enable mobile device for server serviceability improvement.

(1) Every smart phone has embedded NFC + Bluetooth technology or is moving to same direction as well.

(2) Easy to tag server and display relate information on cellphone in all environment.
(3) Rich information could be display on smartphone compared to LCD and LightPath (LED).

(4) Low cost by leveraging huge volume from smartphone market.

(5) Client and business opportunity with mobile APP for selling.


(1) A Server with build in NFC...