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Flexible rubber design for PCI-e bracket opening Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238689D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-12
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Disclosed is a flexible PCI-e bracket I/O opening design. In particular, it is related to a flexible rubber design for PCI-e bracket opening instead of creating multiple bracket tooling.

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Flexible rubber design for PCI-e bracket opening


Normally each PCI-e I/O card gets its owns bracket design to match with its I/O connector opening. Regarding ML2 design that supports multiple high speed I/O card with same form factor, it still requires a lot of different hard tooling bracket parts that cause money and time for development and revision required a new bracket tooling again.


The idea is a flexible rubber design as an opening mate with PCI-e bracket that could have different types of PCI-e I/O connectors going through it directly as below drawing.

The details would be provided as below and show how the rubber structure integrated with PCI-e bracket and the PCI-e I/O connector could be easily extended through that opening. This save money and developing time.

The following is the flip-bracket which comes with 10 degrees flip toward outside. Also, all the corners are weaken so that the flip can be pushed out by a jig or even the card connectors easily.

This following is the 3D drawing for the assembly that shows how a bracket (already


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"opened") has been put together with the card. It also shows the different angle at different flip to accommodate different connector position around cards.