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Systems and Methods for multiple platforms management on a PaaS platform Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238691D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-12
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In the PaaS, after deploying the applications to the platform, the operators could not manage their applications with the tradional ways, which is caused by the PaaS characteristics, including location-unware, isolation environments and etc. The article clarifies one cloud-style solution for managing those applications in the cloud.

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Systems and Methods for multiple platforms management on a PaaS platform

On the PaaS platform, the operator experiences change a lot comparing the traditional standalone environment. The following aspects are some of the typical ones

1. Location-unaware. The deployed applications could be running on any virtual/physical machines in any data center.

2. Multiple instances, One or more application instances are serving the requests, and the instances number could scale-in/out at any time
3. Rapid increasing application runtimes, the developers use various runtimes provided by the cloud platform.

The issues face before the operators in the cloud environment,

1. How could the operator manage their deployed applications ? One side, the operators have no idea for where the application instances are running, also, there could be multiple instance running there.

2. The modern enterprises will use different runtimes in the various scenarios, in the cloud, how could the PaaS platform bring the consistent user experience to the end users with various runtimes.

3. The application developers would like to expose customized management capabilities for their applications, the typical solution on Java platform is to use JMX, which brings the JMX dependency for the management tools, how could the PaaS platform provide the solution to help the users expose those capabilities.

4. In the cloud continuous delivery mode, the applications will be upgraded timely, and different applicati...