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Involute housing dust diverter for harvester Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238700D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-12
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Title: Involute housing dust diverter for harvester


The present disclosure is relates to improved design of Involute housing dust diverter for harvester. This disclosure has proposed novel design of dust diverter with optimized shape and opening such that it can handle more mass flow rate in limited space available below harvester platform.

Combine harvester is machine used for harvesting, threshing, separating and cleaning crop. It stores clean grains in grain storage tank while residual crop material discharged from rear of harvester. This residual material contains dust and small particulate material, hence it is always better to remove such material so that it will not hamper on vision of operator.

In order to achieve above mentioned objective, this disclosure has proposed to integrate dust diverter below the harvester operator platform. This dust diverter has a fan with involute housing, idler pulley and air duct below operator platform & extended towards feeder house.


Fig. 1 Side view of dust diverter system for harvester



Air duct

Driver Pulley

Fan with involute housing

Idler mounting bracket

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This disclosure is about simple and effective dust diverting system with the help of blower and air duct for combine harvester. The crop conveying mechanism is provided for moving harvested crop from feeder unit to threshing unit in combine harvester. While harvesting matured crop from field dust and other crop particul...