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Improved design for locating pin

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238701D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-12
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Title: Improved design for locating pin

Locating pins are generally used in welding/assembly fixtures to locate components/ products with respect to fixture in accurate location and position. These pins are mostly cylindrical in shape provided with a handle. In assembly process, the fixtures are mounted on trunnions so that locating pins can be rotated as per the operator's requirements. These pins may come out during rotation operation of fixture and may leads to wrong orientation, which may cause an accident. Another problem with existing design is that, heat is generated during welding process, it leads to bending of locating pin and further it creates difficulty in removing pin after welding process. Yet another problem with existing design is that, repeatedly rotation of these pins in holes for engaging and disengaging may damage location holes.

Present disclosure relates to design for locating pin which can be used in the trunnion mounted welding and/or assembly fixtures. The locating pin is a hollow pin with a welded handle. Said pin is also provided with a stepped bolt with threaded portion at one end and other end is free to accommodate handle to rotate the bolt for clamping. Said bolt is fitted to the hollow locating pin with two dowel pins which prevents the pin from coming out during operation.

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Handle to rotate bolt

Dowel pins

Handle to remove whole pin

Hollow Locating Pin

Bolt for clamping locating pin

Improved Locating Pin

Fig. 1 Sectional view of improved locating pin
This disclosure is about design for Location pin for trunnion mounted fixtures.

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