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Method to Optimize Cloud Operations across Data centers Based on Ozone Pollution

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Publication Date: 2014-Sep-12
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To present ideas for optimizing the Cloud infrastructure setup by looking at a new metric called "ozone credit". The choice of locations for data centers and subsequent re-distribution of the operations can be done based on this new metric.

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Method to Optimize Cloud Operations across Data centers Based on Ozone Pollution

Data centers consume considerable power and are interconnected with other data centers across the world. Many large corporations have their data centers spread out across different geographical locations, often across the world. The computing load that a large enterprise handles on an everyday basis is distributed across these different data centers.

Many data centers through their power and resource usage (for example, through the usage of refrigerants and coolants) contribute to emission of gases and other substances that deplete the ozone layer. As a result of this, the government and other regulatory agencies (e.g., pollution control board) impose strict rules on the corporations to limit the ozone damage. Failure to adhere to these rules can cause not only monetary loss for a corporation but may also permanently prevent their ability to operate in certain geographic regions. This method can intelligently set up cloud operations for a provider with data centers across the world and who also needs to adhere to the ozone pollution restrictions. Similarly Just In Time Inventory systems send orders to manufacturers to reproduce sold items but there is a redundancy in the manufacturing location and pollution is rarely considered.

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This paper discusses how to route the traffic (load balance) to the data center that emits the smallest amount of carbon. This proposed method is not involved in load balancing. The proposed method is a decision supported system that advises user on the best geographical location to construct a cloud data center, based on local, national and territorial laws related to ozone credits which is defined in a manner similar to carbon credits. The proposed method also allows for the migration of workload to a sister data center based on the current count of ozone credit for the company as a whole or when ozone credits for a particular region are have been exceeded or when maximum is reached. There is disagreement with the idea presented in the paper that it is always feasible to route traffic towards a data center that emits the smallest amount of carbon . This is because regulations might be imposed so that data does not go beyond a certain geographic boundary. The notion of credit becomes useful here as described in Section 3.



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