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A Method to share a specific position/content on a long webpage Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238780D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-18
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This inventation aims to optimise the sharing method for a long web page. When we are reading a long web page, we may find part of it interesting or useful and want to share it to friends via Social Networking Services or Instant Message tools, while to share audience, they might be not only interested in the sharing part but also want to know the context and origin of it. Current implementation only share the original URL without specific position or only share the selected words or pictures without the context and origin. The core idea is to acquire the current scroll bar position and then sending it to the share destination server, when visit the share link provided by the share destination server, the page cat get parameters from the URL created by the share destination server and calculate the scroll bar position and then restore it.

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A Method to share a specific position

A Method to share a specific position/




When we are surfing on the internet, we usually find some interesting contents and want to share them to our friends. While the specific position/contents on a long web page usually are not visible directly to our friends through the traditional share ways like copying URL or using the social "share to" widget. To be specific, most of the web pages have more than one page and we may have scrolled the scroll bar to see what we want to share, while the URL we send to friends don't contain the information about what specific position/contents we want to share, so whom want to see the share might have to search the specific contents by searching after page loading.

Recently, almost every social website provides interface of sharing which can accept "share to" request from other web page. But, none of them can give a specific location of what the sharer really want to share.

Current ways to resolve the problem

Current ways to resolve the problem:


1. Take a screen shot of the specific position/contents and then share, which is a bit more complex and inconvenient for copying texts.

2. Create as many as anchors in the long page, While the anchor is static and must be predefined, and the anchor link can only be acquired from the location bar after clicking the anchor. In a word, this solution can not support our dynamic share requirements and not easy to use.

3. Current "share it to" function in social field + search specific information. The current "share it to" function just share the original URL with some additional information, it can't show the specific position/contents what we really want to share when visiting the share link, and if we want to see them, we have to search the page after loading.

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Business Value

1. The implementation is able to share the original URL and the specific position/content of a long web page. Other people will get the information very quickly, save lots of time to find the information on the web page.

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