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Electrical Drive System for Marine Diesel Load Testing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238783D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-18
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Vista-Hao Feng: INVENTOR [+4]


This is an electrical drive system and control unit used for huge marine diesel load testing, meanwhile it can recycle the diesel power. - A four quadrant converter drives a motor works in generation area as a load in diesel’s load testing phase. - It can help user save cost; and also help improve environment.

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In traditional way the diesel's power shall be consumed by the hydraulic system, meanwhile in load testing, the fuel consumed by diesel shall be wasted, because the energy is difficulty to be recycled by using hydraulic dynamometer. So the traditional marine diesel load testing method is not good for fuel saving, cost saving and environment protection. An Electrical Drive System with Control Unit can be instead of hydraulic dynamometer as diesel's load testing method or tool, which can convert the mechanical power to useable electrical power when diesel is in load testing. Comparing with the hydraulic dynamometer, the Electrical Drive System for marine diesel Load Testing can recycle the power to achieve fuel saving, cost saving and environment.

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The Electrical Drive System is based on Variable Frequency Drive and Motor. From the configuration, which is similar with ABB or competitor's VFD solution, but the VFD solution is to offer mechanical power for consumer, the Electrical Drive System for diesel load testing absorbs the diesel's power and recycles the power consumed during diesel's load testing.

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