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Switch Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Between Multiple Computers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238794D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-18
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Disclosed is a method to use the transmission of microwave frequencies to switch mouse and keyboard controls between multiple computers.

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Switch Wireless Keyboard/Mouse Between Multiple Computers

Computer users, especially graphics designers and other developers, often use multiple computers in the same time. This means that the user must have enough desk space to have a keyboard and mouse for every computer, which is often not possible. In addition, it is cumbersome for a use to continually switch between multiple components, and it can slow work progress.

A method is needed to allow a user to easily switch the control between different computers.

One known technology is the Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM), but this device has two main shortcomings. First, the two computers equipped with the KVM device, must be very near to each other. Second, the KVM ports are very specific for specific types of keyboards, videos, and mouse controllers. If the user changes any of the computer's type or even the keyboard/mouse type, then the user also has to make changes to the KVM device. In addition, the KVM device is designed to work only on two computers, which can be restrictive to the user.

The novel contribution is a method to switch the mouse and keyboard control from one computer to another to enable a user to work on multiple computers using a single wireless mouse/keyboard. Unlike current methods, this solution switches control at the hardware level. This technology is based on a microwave transmitter and receiver. The mouse and keyboard transmit microwaves in a specific frequency, which is received by a jo...