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ReadyNote: Predictive Microblogging Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238827D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-19
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Disclosed is a micro-blogging system, applicable to mobile devices, that predicts the user’s note-taking modality and target. Upon analysis of the detected input, ReadyNote prepares a note and offers appropriate options for further user action.

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Predictive Microblogging

Predictive Microblogging

Most mobile devices have a function that allows users to make and store notes on the device. Note taking occurs in different forms under different contexts . Variables include the user's current actions (e.g., running, sitting, driving, etc.), the user's current location (e.g., at a desk, on the train, in the street, at home, etc.), and the purpose or content of the note (e.g., an idea, an observation, a visual, etc.). In addition, different note-taking tools are appropriate for different purposes . For example, a notes application is suited for making a shopping list, while a board on a social network is more appropriate for notes about hobbies or photographs . Mobile users have to go through many steps to select the modality of the note (e.g., voice, video, text, image, link, etc.) and the proper target platform for the note (e.g., local application, text message, social network application, etc.).

Figure 1: Current process for making notes using a mobile device

A method or system is needed to simplify this process .

The novel contribution is a micro-blogging system, called ReadyNote, which predicts the user's note-taking modality and target. The prediction incorporates a model of the user's past behavior, pre-set rules (e.g., policies, safety, security, common sense, etc.), and models gleaned from other users. The system takes into account information such as:

• User's location • User's calendar, • User's network activity,
• User's proximity detected by radio (to locations, other users, devices, cars, etc.),

ReadyNote: :


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• Activity of other users

• Active applications