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TCP Extensions for High Performance (RFC7323) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238832D
Original Publication Date: 2014-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2014-Sep-20

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The TCP protocol [RFC0793] was designed to operate reliably over almost any transmission medium regardless of transmission rate, delay, corruption, duplication, or reordering of segments. Over the years, advances in networking technology have resulted in ever-higher transmission speeds, and the fastest paths are well beyond the domain for which TCP was originally engineered.

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Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)                         D. Borman Request for Comments: 7323                           Quantum Corporation Obsoletes: 1323                                                B. Braden Category: Standards Track              University of Southern California ISSN: 2070-1721                                              V. Jacobson                                                             Google, Inc.                                                    R. Scheffenegger, Ed.                                                             NetApp, Inc.                                                           September 2014

                   TCP Extensions for High Performance


   This document specifies a set of TCP extensions to improve    performance over paths with a large bandwidth * delay product and to    provide reliable operation over very high-speed paths.  It defines    the TCP Window Scale (WS) option and the TCP Timestamps (TS) option    and their semantics.  The Window Scale option is used to support    larger receive windows, while the Timestamps option can be used for    at least two distinct mechanisms, Protection Against Wrapped    Sequences (PAWS) and Round-Trip Time Measurement (RTTM), that are    also described herein.

   This document obsoletes RFC 1323 and describes changes from it.

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   This is an Internet Standards Track document.

   This document is a product of the Internet Engineering Task Force    (IETF).  It represents the consensus of the IETF community.  It has    received public review and has been approved for publication by the    Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG).  Further information on    Internet Standards is available in Section 2 of RFC 5741.

   Information about the current status of this document, any errata,    and how to provide feedback on it may be obtained at

Borman, et al.               Standards Track                    [Page 1]
 RFC 7323           TCP Extensions for High Performance    September 2014

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