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Encouraging print reuse using user profile and personalized print augmentation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238841D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-22
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In an organizations where shared printers are used , an extra print page is used as an header so print owners could distinguish where their print starts and when it ends. Usually, such extra printing results in a waste of papers, which are commonly thrown away and not reused (even as draft papers). There is a need for a creative way so such extra papers would provide value to print owners for reuse. The idea is to utilize the print owner's user profile for printing a personalized print on the extra header page on its back blank side which the print owner can reuse (or at least has high chance to reuse).

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Encouraging print reuse using user profile and personalized print augmentation

The invention assumes the existence of a user profile of any kind that can be used to model print owners. Many existing methods can used to learn a user profile.

A user profile is assumed to contain data about the user, such as her gender, demographics, job position (or any other HR data), interests, etc.

    When a print is being sent by the print owner, the owner's user profile can be used by the printing system to decide what personalized print to put on the blank side of the extra header print page.

A notification on the printed side can be further added so the owner will notice this addition.


The owner has small childs --> a print of puzzles/drawings etc will be generated, so the owner can give this page for his childs to draw/play with.

The owner likes to travel or has some expected travel from work --> details about the destination will be printed.

A print of relevant educational material will be printed on the back side (e.g., some facts about the latest company's strategy). ...

As an alternative, such extra print suggestion can be suggested to the print owner prior to print submission.