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Extract Documents from Louts Notes to Apache OpenOffice with the same name as in the Lotus Notes Document

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238875D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-23
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Disclosed is a tool which extracts documents from a Lotus Notes (LN) database to Apache Open Office (AOO) with the same name as in the LN database and with the attachments embedded to it (if any).

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Extract Documents from Louts Notes to Apache OpenOffice with the same name as in the Lotus Notes Document


1. Development Platform

    The disclosed tool is related to a tool developed in IBM Lotus Notes which helps in extracting the documents in LN databases to AOO.

2. Description of Related Art

    LN databases are widely used within IBM and other companies as a mail-in database or as a document repository. These databases hold large amount of project related data's which should be preserved when the team is migrating from LN to any other suitable solution. This tool will help the user to extract all the documents in LN databases to AOO at a stretch with same name as in LN document and with the attachments embedded on to the extracted documents (if any attachments are available in the LN document).


1. Why?

    When it comes to extracting LN documents from LN databases, it's a tiresome work because it is really hard to replicate the notes document as the same. Most of the extraction tools available in the market have almost all the functionalities of extraction but, all these tools fail to get the same name of the extracted LN document. This is why we need an additional solution for such extraction tools, because an extracted document with an un-identifiable name does not make sense.

    The problem mentioned above is being solved by the "Export Lotus Notes Document to Open Office" tool. The tool migrates the document from LN to AOO, keeping the same format and same name as of the notes document.

     The other available third party tools will export the documents to a preselected system folder. But the disclosed tool will export the documents in the format as follows "C:/Database

Name/Primary Section(if any)/Document name.odf". This will give the extraction more organized output, because the extracted folder structure is same as how documents are organized in the selected view.

2. How?

    The tool disclosed should be customized for each of the database which the user selects to extract. Since each database will have a specific design and template, user needs to create an


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extract document for each database.

    Once an e...