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Transferable local dictionary between recipients of text Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238886D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-23
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A method to transfer a temporary thread-based dictionary from a sender to a recipient of a message.

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Transferable local dictionary between recipients of text

When sending text; whether email or instant message, we often use words that may be colloquial, emoticon, or referencing technical specifications, and as such, not recognised by system dictionaries.

    As a user who runs spells check, especially if multiple threads of text go back and forth between recipients, there is potential for a lot of time being wasted for 'legitimate' spell checking.

    Currently the only option the user has is to add all to their system dictionary, this is not ideal as there may false 'safe' words as recognised by the dictionary.

    This system proposes a novel way to transfer temporary thread-based dictionary from recipient, to recipient.

Using email to demo how this will work:

As the user who sends the first email, I run a spell check on my words, instead of choosing ignore, or adding it permanently to my system dictionary, I choose to add it to the thread dictionary.

    When the recipient receives the email they wish to reply to, the email client uses both their system dictionary and their new thread-based dictionary. This means, not only are the words from the original emails being replied to not requiring a spellcheck, any word from the thread-based dictionary that is used in the reply is automatically counted as safe. Any new words may also be added to the thread-based dictionary.

    This sequence can happen multiple times potentially saving the users a great deal of time in checking their...