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Method and Apparatus of Personal Situational Awareness Assistant

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Publication Date: 2014-Sep-24
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Smartglasses is a wearable computing device with a transparent display, a head mounted camera, an accelerometer, a cell phone, a Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation, a microphone, and a rechargeable battery. People use it to track and share daily activities. This article will present a method on how smartglasses and a framework can automatically identify people, objects and events. Additional capabilities include providing related background and history for any suspected objects; increasing self-defense awareness, and automatically share the certain information to selected users/groups.

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Method and Apparatus of Personal Situational Awareness Assistant

The idea is to create a personal situational awareness assistant method and apparatus to help the user better understand the surroundings and the dynamic circumstances related to the user. With integrated technologies of big data analytics, facial identification, GPS, social media, and news groups, the idea can extract background information for certain objects (person, car, event), evaluated situation, provide suggestion, and alert user/group in real-time.

FIG-1 Illustrates relationship of major features and components. The important components may include:

Sample Collector in Client Side (block 1~10): Applications running on a set of personal smart devices for gathering useful information and valuable samples around the user location. The gathered data of information and samples from users devices can include (but not limited to): photos of people and cars, audio of conversations and background noises, user's location and related time, users' relationship, daily schedules and activity list. Also user expected suggestions may include: related event types and scheduled activities in next a few hours, business owner and vendor lists in the location, criminal index of the location, potential dangerous criminal individuals in around of the location (block 80~86) etc… The collector is able to select type of object samplings and determine potential valuable targets based on set of predefined rules and thresholds. For instance, a predefined a rule for taking a picture for a suspected guy can be: "if a user looks twice at person then take a picture and send it to back end server fo...