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Process and Apparatus for City's Ozone Control for Energy Grid for Smart Engine On Electric and Natural Gas Engines Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238934D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-25
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Process and apparatus for city's ozone control for energy grid for smart engine on electric and natural gas engines

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Process and Apparatus for City '

'''s Ozone Control for Energy Grid for Smart Engine On Electric and Natural Gas Engines

s Ozone Control for Energy Grid for Smart Engine On Electric and Natural Gas Engines

More and more cities have ozone and pollution problems. Cities set action days for citizens to do their part to reduce the gasoline consumption to protect the environment. There is a continued increase of natural gas, pure electric and hybrid cars on the roads but they are not smart enough to act differently during strong ozone conditions. Some developing countries governments, like China, will force limits on gas engines and will only allow green vehicles on the road such as those that use electric and natural gas. This invention will solve this with a smart car. A car can receive an ozone forecast or government orders then use the car's computer to change the way it drives such as switching to electric from gas engines. Natural gas cars or buses will also know which days that only electric and natural gas cars can run on the road. In addition this invention could be used to add a tax or fee to non-green engines on the ozone specific days. The vehicle could inform the owner that they are being charged a "toll" on ozone days if they drive a non-green car. This idea will help to reduce pollution and to protect the environment as well.

During government ozone control days, more drivers will use electric or natural gas devices or will choose to car pool or stay at home to work. Most users would like to use this invention and receive ozone control forecast in advance, then start to plug in electric engine devices or beware of what kind of energy control will be needed. During an ozone control time, users that drive vehicles that have this invention will adjust their driving and engine behavior and consume more electric and natural gas. This invention also could collect and send information on driving behaviors helping municipalities and companies know where to provide what type of resources are needed and if more or less is needed to specific areas during ozone control times.

This idea is focused on refueling only. It doesn't use big data to understand driving and fueling habits and route people based on this data. Instead it uses a holistic view and informs drivers when fuel will be cheaper or more expensive. CDwQ6AEwAQ

This invention has two major parts. Part 1 is for end users and Part 2 is for energy companies. They need to work together in order to provide more accurate demands for energy consumption.

Part 1: Vehicles will need software that could be installed through normal software updates at home or dealership. This software will receive local weather forecasts, information or government restrictions or fees for driving on ozone control days. It will remind drivers to be sure their alternate energy op...