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Method and System for Stylus Based Handwritten Note Taking Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238951D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-26
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A program is disclosed by which services installed in a user’s device will communicate with the presentation device and automatically capture the information from the presentation device, e.g. which document is being displayed (URL, file name from file server etc) during the point of note taking, and which page is being displayed during the presentation in presentation device. The above information will be part of the metadata of the handwritten note. Once the user opens the hand written note and selects any written content from the note thread, the invention will identify and search the referred document and that page and will be displayed to the user. In this case the user can get the referred document in a same or different device as per user’s choice. Depending on the program used, the user can use the projector itself to transmit the screen bmp/jpg. Since some note takers are not taking notes on every page, the laptop/projector could always be sending the content The note taker can select which of the transmitted screen bmp/jpg pages they want. This will help the user to understand the study material and written notes in a synchronized way.

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Method and System for Stylus Based Handwritten Note Taking

There are many instances when someone need to take notes, For example, in a science class a professor is giving a lecture and the students are taking class notes for future reading. The professor may be referring any presentation file, ebook etc while giving the lecture. During his lecture, the student can take hand written notes with a stylus. When reading the class notes later in the future, the student may also want to refer the presentation or ebook that was used during the class note taking. Thus there has to be a method and system where the user can select any previous written notes and the respective eBook, or presentation will open automatically.

The following diagram (Figure 1) refers to one person (A) giving a presentation. He may be referring to a web page, eBook, file from a file system etc. At the same time, another user (B) is using a handwriting note stylus. In this case while writing with stylus, invention will gather the information from the presentation device and will add as metadata in the handwritten content. In this case, if the presentation content changes, then invention will gather the new changed and will add the same in the hand written content.

Figure 1

The following diagram (Figure 2) refers to the user who has selected the handwritten content/portion and accordingly the referred document will be displayed to the user. The referred document can also be displayed in a differen...