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Call Planning Assistance Based on Recipient Person's Social Network Connect Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238965D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-29
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Disclosed is a system that facilitates call planning assistance based on recipient inidivuduals social network connect

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Call Planning Assistance Based on Recipient Person 's Social Network Connect

With the rapid advancements and growth of popularity, social networking communities have evolved as a solitary source for broadcast and unicast based communications. In the current trends social network communities can also be treated as a repository of all events, feelings of individuals experienced in his / her life. As the smart mobile devices are becoming access drivers for all most all social network forums, the document describes an implementation that assistants the user (caller) in planning the call content, initiation conversation, sync information of recipient with caller etc by leveraging the social network activities posted by caller and observed or followed by the recipient.

Use case:

Assume an individual (say Person-X) has called his / her childhood friend (say Person-Y) where the voice communication (phone calls) between them are less often . The general content of the call would be that caller (Person-X) invests more than 75% of the call time in explaining the changes or important events occurred in his / her life during the period and later 25% of the call time with the purpose of the call.

Out of the 75% time that caller invested to explain his / her changes in the life might have been already shared in the social network circles and the recipient would have known most of the content. The lack of this information (i.e. to what extent the recipient has been following the content shared by caller and what are the contents missed by the recipient) at the callers end has generated loss in terms of call prize (75% of call time is of waste).

Core Concept:

Core concept in a nutshell is a provision of a smarter engine that can be embedded in the mobile devices that enables a provision for assisting the user (caller) in planning the call


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content, initiation conversation, sync information of recipient with caller etc by leveraging the social network activities posted by caller and observed / followed by the recipient.

When a situation arises like an individual (caller) is about to initiate a call to his / her friend (recipient), the proposed engine identifies the major caller's content shared in social network forums that are known by the particular recipient friend (whom caller is about to call) as well as the content that got missed or unread by the recipient and intimates the caller.

This information is summarized by the proposed engine helps the caller / calling individual to effectively plan the content of the call by focusing more importance on the content that has been out of sync with the recipient, which would directly improve the interest of recipient in maintaining fair relationship and reduces the call cost paid by caller.

Core Concept in pictorial representation:

Scene-1: Traditional mobile contact display view

Figure-1 : Traditional contact information displayed by the mobile device

Scene-2: Traditional call conversio...