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A system and method optimize mail inbox intellectively by analyzing same receivers behaviors Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238967D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-29
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As a mail receiver, we would like to know actions from other receivers of a mail, especially from someone. It helps us to find an important mail in a new way.

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A system and method optimize mail inbox intellectively by analyzing same receivers behaviors

As a mail user, user always receives a lot of different kinds of emails everyday, some mails are just advertisements, some are notification, some are business deals.

User usually spends a lot of time to read each email to find out which ones need take immediate action, which ones could be handled some time later, which ones can be ignored. It's rather time consuming.

Some effective ways are needed to help users to understand the importance and (or) the priority to decide what actions they need to take upon the new mails.

Currently there are some simple ways to help:

1. Sender sets importance to high when delivering the mail.

2. Sender adds specific text in the subject, such as "Must read".

3. Sender stamps message with a "please reply by" date.

4. Receiver use recipient icons to identify the mail is sent to me only or sent to me as a cc.
5. Receiver sets sender colors to spot messages from important senders.

All of the above methods are basically based on the message itself, or predefined according to specific senders, they are all static. We want a method that can dynamically help the user discover the importance of the message according to other receivers' behaviours. for example, Carol, her boss and other five team-mate's receive a same mail, if she knows her boss have read the mail, she would like to read it immediately, if she knows other 3 team-mate's replied the mail, she would check the details as well, if she knows nobody reply the mail, she may consider it's acceptable to hold off for another day.

This disclosure describes a set of methods to analyze other receivers' be...