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Method and Systems to Locate a Person Based on Point to Point Sound Waves Analysis Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238973D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-29
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Method and System to identify people in a building without GPS devices.

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Method and Systems to Locate a Person Based on Point to Point Sound Waves Analysis

    The article presents a solution to locate person in a building where GPS devices do not work. A practical case is when you are in a museum with a lot of people inside and you don't find anymore your son. Another interesting use case is to locate a person outside but the person does not have a mobile device with him. The usual solutions to such problems are always to rely on a mobile communication or shared GPS positions and services.

    The basic idea of this article is to use the analysis of a voice sample of the person that user is looking for. The method is to rely on an application available on multiple mobile devices that do the analysis of the sounds in the environment searching for a specific pattern.

The knowledge base of voices samples are obtained through a registration of a small sample of phone calls for each user that is located in mobile device owner's contacts.

Here below the detailed solution architecture and the basic use case.

The basic components of the architecture are: 1. An application that is installed and enabled on a mobile device (aka SoundWaveFinder SWF)

2. A knowledge base available on user's mobile device that contains the contact's voice samples (aka VoiceDB VDB)

The basic flow to have the voice samples is as discussed above to rely on registration of small samples of voice calls but if not available alternative options are to use samples on Facebook's c...