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Vision Tracker Disclosure Number: IPCOM000238981D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-29
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This program / method allows users with an electronic device / computer to track and recommend viewing options to reduce eye strain and promote healthy viewing solutions.

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Vision Tracker

Disclosed is a program on the computer that will monitor and track a users vision over time. The program will then provide recommendations for viewing both within and outside of the computer screen. The novel function of this invention is the ability to track a users vision over time, and integrate the proper data in each eye with typical human eye deterioration patterns to provide insight into the users predicted eye deterioration pattern. The program will then offer recommendations to improve the users vision and decrease the amount of deterioration over time .

This invention is the creation of a program on a computer that will monitor, and recommend methods for enhancing vision. The camera of the computer will be used for the input of a users vision. This can be done through a series of periodic eye tests, and the program will track user data. The program within the computer will then use analytics to show the expected deterioration over time. The program can also show how the users eye deterioration would compare to that of typical person. The program will also show how with certain software provided recommended improvements, such as recommendations for computer viewing, room lighting, diet, and recommend vision improvement items, such as glasses or contacts, a user can help minimize their eye deterioration.