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Flexible Pressure Sensor Package

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239006D
Publication Date: 2014-Sep-30

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Packaging pressure sensors is a challenge. The pressure sensor die cannot be entirely covered with the mold compound. There need to be an opening to expose the diaphragm of the pressure sensor die, without which impedes the functionality of the die. There are not many differentiations in the industry on pressure sensor packages. Common packages have metal lids and some have complicated designs which increase the overall cost of the package. The important components of this sensor package are the thin silicon wafer, pressure sensor die and silicone encapsulation material. The pressure sensor die is bonded to the silicon wafer in a flip chip manner. The overall package is flexible since is thin. The silicone encapsulation material is commercially available in the industry. This material is applied on the thin silicon wafer and die, covering the sensitive diaphragm of the pressure sensor die. It is then oven cured per the material recommended temperature profile. The wafer is then sawn into individual package size.