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Smart desktop icon highlighting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239017D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-01
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This disclosure is for a usability feature to be available as part of desktops that will assist the user in swiftly identifying recently modified or in use files.

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Smart desktop icon highlighting

Cluttered desktops are prevalent: if we were to estimate how many computer users that interact with a desktop environment exist (using, for example, Ubuntu or Windows 7 or Mac OS X), it would be foolish to believe everybody's desktop was tidy. Currently, the user is able to sort and view desktop icons by a limited criteria set: name, date modified, size, type (on Windows 7).

    Let's say that a user's desktop has 100 files on it: all of which are text files. The user has 25 of these files open in Notepad++. They wish to quickly see how many of these files are still open and how many have changed since their last save. With the usage of a button, feature provided by the OS (operating system), or with the use of software integration, the user should be able to perform the above task. This disclosure identifies the use of semi-transparent background icon colours to do this: section 3 will provide more detail. This would be a useful feature of either any operating system OR of any application that allows for files to be modified in some way (as the number of applications is huge, it is perceived that this would be more effectively provided at an OS level - and the OS would know when a file was last modified or if it is opened)

    In Figure 1, the user has several folders and files open. If a file or folder is open, it is highlighted in blue (in the real version, the fill setting will be far more transparent and therefore less obtrusive so the t...