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ESAT tool - Easy & Flexible Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239030D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-02
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A very easy and flexible, Microsoft Excel based, Employee Satisfaction survey tool for all kind of organizations (small, medium, large), at a meager cost.

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ESAT tool - Easy & Flexible

Disclosed is a technique to measure employee satisfaction within an organization. For any organization, it is very important to know its employee satisfaction ratings as the employee are the real asset for an organization, and help it to achieve the company vision and mission. The HR department is always interested to know and understand the employee satisfaction ratings, as it helps them to formulate or amend HR policies within the organization.

At present, especially for small organizations (below 100 employees) with low earnings, it's very difficult to shell out hefty money for the tools/surveys available in the market. Even for the organizations who can afford the costly tools/surveys, finding hard to present and communicate their employee satisfaction survey (ESS) findings in one picture or chart. For employees also it is hard to understand complex logic and processes behind the survey results presented to them. This tool takes care of such challenges for both kinds of organizations, as it costs very less, and has just one chart to present the whole picture.

The tool presented here, is very easy and flexible tool allowing up to 100% customization as per the organization's need. It suits to any size of organization, small, medium or large. The tool is based on Microsoft Excel sheet, which can be easily maintained by a computer operator with basic computer skills. The tool allows capturing employee satisfaction survey inputs and results. The tool comes with satisfaction radar divided into fours zones to depict the health of the organization at its employee satisfaction scale. The other interesting feature, is its flexibility, which allows an organization to define/set own survey questions, capturing results within or outside of the tool. It even allows organizations to define and set their own limits of satisfaction radar.

Figure 1: ESS Chart

The tool is MS excel based, and has five tabs - Overview, ESS Chart, Instructions, Survey


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