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Method and system for orchestrating disks workload based on wavelet analysis Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239071D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-09
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A current problem of storage area networks that are growing in importance because of IT clouds, are hard disks reliability. The current state of art does not allow to forecast hard disks lifetime based on their current status, only general estimation are available based on hard disks data sheets. The outage of hard disks is a serious failure in these environments, they are currently mitigated by disaster recovery solutions but there are huge costs associated to restore IT operations and data after such failures. The goal of the proposed solution is to provide a method and system for orchestration of hard disks workload based on their current mechanical health status, in order to avoid to use disks that are presenting a higher possibility voice coil failure.

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Method and system for orchestrating disks workload based on wavelet analysis

    The vibration in rotating machinery is mostly caused by unbalance, misalignment, mechanical looseness, rubs, shaft crack, and other malfunctions. Most studies available in the literature have paid attention to diagnostic on these faults by analyzing the steady state vibrations using the Fourier Analysis.

    The hard disk's integrated controller works with various sensors to monitor various aspects of the drive's performance and determines from this information if the disk is behaving normally or not.

The standard S.M.A.R.T. analysis is not enough to understand if a hard disk is affected by mechanical issues.

    Our approach is different and based on a Disk Wavelet Analyzer using the standard sensors of the disk. The main building blocks of the proposed solution are

A hardware/software module named "Disk Wavelet Analyzer" (aka DWA) that

is responsible to provide the current HD mechanical health status based on wavelet analysis.

An orchestration software module named "Hard Disk Smart Writer" (aka

HDSW) that based on the mechanical health status provided by DWA balance the workload with the policy of huge workloads assigned to the hard disks with the best health index.

Here below the description of DWA and HDSW functional and design details

"Disk Wavelet Analyzer"


  This solution is a transposition of the known technology of the wavelet analysis used on cam's engine in a different domain in the hard disk mechanical status analysis. This approach isn't based on a comparison betwe...