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Method and System for Providing Productivity Concierge in a Collaboration Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239178D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-20
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A method and system is disclosed for providing productivity concierge in a collaboration tool.

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Method and System for Providing Productivity Concierge in a Collaboration Tool

Generally, a user is required to open a separate browser and manually performing a search to receive the relevant information while using a calendar or emails. Thus, the user is required to perform additional research on the topic or the sender to properly prepare for meetings or respond to emails.

Disclosed is a method and system for providing productivity concierge in a collaboration tool. The method and system dynamically displays a set of results based on configurable attributes and contextual information to enhance productivity. The set of results act as a productivity concierge. The method and system enables a user to hover-over or right-click to display just-in-time relevant information in a pop-up which is tuned based on a profile. The method and system utilizes external data sources (both inside and outside corporate network) to find and display additional/pertinent information about a sender or topic of interest in an email or a calendar. The information is provided at the fingertip of the user without requiring additional effort or manual searching. Thus, the productivity of the user is increased and a centralized place for such information is provided. The user can prepare for meetings or discussions more efficiently by using just-in-time information. The method and system is implemented by using a plug-in that indexes, sorts and creates a name / value pair for all inbox and calendar activities. Thereafter, the information is fed to an analytics system that looks up in a variety of systems to pull matching data. The matching data is received by the plug-in. The information is displayed in a hover over box showing the concierge. Figure 1 illustrates a flow diagram for the system of providing productivity concierge in a collaboration tool.

Figure 1


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In an implementation, the system includes multiple collaboration applications, a plug-in, a user profile, a data mining system and external data sources. The multiple collaboration applications can be concierge enabled applications. For example, the multiple collaboration applications include email clients, calendaring tools or any other tools with perform information that may be required to enable the concierge. The plug-in is a piece of code that runs on one or more applications to intercept a hover over action for a specific person record and queries user profiles, key words and a local database. The plug-in also communicates with the data mining system. Based on results from the data mining system, the plug-in provides a pop-up on screen. The user profile is a piece of storage that holds key words and other configuration parameters. The plug-in uses the user profile for providing instructions to the data mining system. For example, the instructions may be technologies, names and locations that the concierge needs to display. Further, the data mining system takes a request from th...