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Thumper Apparatus for the Development of Event Data Report and Global Restraint Crash Sensing Systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239195D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-20
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Thumper Apparatus for the development of Event Data Report and Global Restraint Crash Sensing Systems

The crash safety regulations stringency is growing continuously. Also, the global complexity is increasing rapidly and the post-crash requirements and after impact regulations. OEM responses to such dynamic requirements are always needed to be fast and efficient.

Event Data Recorder (EDR) is one of the latest requirements by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Validation the RCM and the accuracy of the registered information and collected signals, typically, occurred at the end of the program time on a series of full vehicle tests, limited prototypes. Thus, finding any issue during these tests could require more iterations of testing and might affect the program's delivery time.


Develop a smart laboratory apparatus that can be used to

- position different RCM and crash sensor systems

- simulate Pedestrian detection system

- Simulate crash events

- register event EDR

- test post impact applications, such as, emergency assist or call 911

- provide certain level of RCM's SW and algorithm validation

- support after crash EU regulations and climate control fan shut-off

Design Concept:

• This invented apparatus simulates different impact system in the lab or in portable locations and conditions.

• It records the event data according to the NHTSA EDR protocol.

• It consists of main stability frame, plurality of sliding rails, tension springs, plastic/rubber mounts, Air Bag module adapter base, mounting plates, sledding fixture, peripheral sensor holders, pull-release mechanism, carrier, track

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• The assembly also, has a power box, bundle of harness, CAN messages reader, data acquisition, computer system, etc.

• This invented apparatus is designed to be compatible with all corporate Air Bag Modules. It utilizes adapter plates that can be removed from the sled and oriented to change the RCM direction for the analyzed crash mode.

• In this invented device, the RCM will be bolted on the base plate similar to in-vehicle position and with same type of fasteners

• The frame material of this invented device needs to be structurally stable to hold the rest of the elements weight and clamping loads. Also, capable to stand the simulated dynamic impacts and springs tension-compression movements. Example of material are Aluminum, steel, wood …etc.

• The built prototypes frame material is wood and provided good results on all tests that been used for so far.

• The track material is recommended to be metallic that resists rust, with minimum friction, balanced, and both sides must be aligned.

• The track length spring stretch needs to be optimized to provide the different severity levels of the simulated impacts with stable kinematics and mechanisms movement

• In this invention, the principle of energy conversion is applied by utilizing multiple springs to store potential energy an...