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RF resource optimization in interoperable networks with paired/converged mobile devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239209D
Original Publication Date: 2014-Oct-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2014-Oct-20
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Koprowski, Stefan: INVENTOR [+4]


The idea is a method of optimization RF resources utilization in LTE and LMR Networks having paired/converged devices (used by the same User) and involved in the same PTT call. The method allows to determine the best (optimal as per resource consumption) route path for the PTT call to be delivered to the User. Also the method eliminates duplicated audio delivered and separately played by the two LMR/LTE devices involved in the same PTT call.

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RF resource optimization in interoperable systems, with mobile devices having access to more than one system.


By Stefan Koprowski, Rafal Jedryka, Robert Mrowiec, Robert Orzechowski, Michal Szychowski

Motorola Solutions, Inc.



This paper describes a method of identifying groups of mobile devices which can receive Push-To-Talk (PTT) service using either Land Mobile Radio (LMR) system or Broadband (BB) system, and optimally assigning RF resources in both systems to deliver the PTT service to the RF resource optimization in interoperable networks group of devices.


The following facts form a background of this document:

-       growing usage of dual and converged mobile devices, working in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) systems & Broadband (BB) systems,

-       Push-To-Talk (PTT) service becomes available across LMR and BB,

-       in case of dual or converged PTT capable mobile devices, most likely both components will affiliate to the same Talk Group (TG)

-       pressing PTT to start a group call will cause unnecessary allocation of Radio Frequency (RF) resources in both systems.


Described is a method of optimizing RF resources utilization in LMR and BB networks having dual or converged mobile devices, and involved in the same group call.


The following assumption is necessary for the described method:

-       at least one element of the infrastructure knows the associations between the IDs of mobile devices utilized by the same User in both LMR and BB systems, or

-       the mobile device is able to communicate both IDs (LMR and BB) to at least one system (LMR or BB).

There are two cases in which the described method can be used.

1)    All of the mobile devices in a specified region have access to both LMR and BB systems. In such case, the infrastructure element may allocate either LMR resources or BB resources, depending on additional factors. The additional factors include, but ar...