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Connect:Direct Health Checker Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239260D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-23
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This article discloses the Connect:Direct Health Checker that collects and analyzes data obtained from a Connect:Direct Server and produces a report of the general health of the Connect:Direct Server, including recommended configuration updates, future monitoring considerations and performance of the Connect:Direct Server.

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:Direct Health Checker

Direct Health Checker

Connect:Direct (C:D) is a managed file transfer software product capable of transferring enormous amounts of data between
2 or more C:D Servers. These C:D Servers can be deployed on various operating system platforms, such as z/OS, UNIX and Intel based servers. Each of these C:D Servers maintain several configuration files and collect massive amounts of statistical data that could be used to measure performance and the general health of the C:D Server. C:D provides a well established application interface or API that is used to issue commands to inquire on various aspects of that C:D configuration and statistics data. These C:D configurations can be very complex making the analysis of that data difficult and require knowledge and expertise of C:D that the general client community does not always possess. C:D clients often request an audit or an analysis of their C:D configuration so that configuration recommendations can be made. This process requires manual collection of a large amount of data and the effort to manually analyze that data and manually produce a report is time consuming, costly and lengthy.

Connect:Direct Health Checker (C:DHC) is a computer software program that will, on request, use the existing C:D API to automatically collect data from the C:D Server and perform that analysis and reporting, eliminating the manual effort, cost and expertise required for such an audit.

The C:DHC is launched by and takes input from the client such as C:D Server...