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Machining Plus Track Coverage Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239269D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-24

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Shaojie Cheng Diamond-DaiMeng Dong Peng Kong Lei Mao


Within the robotics machining industry, normally a work piece model is first used as a template for creating a robot path. Edges and/or faces are then selected from the work piece in order to create robot path. After polishing or grinding has been made, on-site engineers will have to rework the workpieces manually by processesing the red-marked areas anew.To solve this, we would like to add automatic track coverage for the generated robot paths.Advantages with the mentioned feature comes in terms of time saving, while at the same time yielding better results with improved finish.For operators, it can greatly reduce operation time and spare them extra time used for aftertreatment. This in turn will benefit the factories and stakeholders.