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Robotics Browser Tree Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239271D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-24

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ShaoJie Cheng Diamond-DaiMeng Dong Peng Kong


Current robot programming environments including but not limited to RobotStudio provide functions to simplify the end user’s experience while creating robot applications. In this regard, we have decided to restructure the current Browser Tree which is deemed too complicated when multiple Program operations are created.This structure does not provide a simple global overview of the project being worked upon.The intended solution is comprised of multiple views separating project information into a Program view, Tool view and Geometry view. Selected items will remain selected when changing views and a drag and drop functionality will allow for easy rearranging of task order. Each menu will also allow automatic sorting (A->Z or Z->A).Advantages comes in terms of time savings foremost. For operators, it will reduce learning time and operation time, while at the same time reduce risks of making errors due to a more simplified user interface. This in turn will have positive impact for the factories and stakeholders.