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Method of Real-Time Littering Report Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239275D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-24
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A new method is discussed to proved a real time littering report system based on smart dashboard camera, automated bio-response and driving conditions.

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Method of Real-

-Time Littering Report

Time Littering Report

It is dangerous to drive on a highway if someone is littering in front of the driver. In order to regulate driving behavior and protect environment, both highway traffic safety administration organizations and police departments are encouraging drivers to report a litterer or any kind of road criminals. For example, the state of Texas provides an on-line litterer report form for reporting a litterer so people can use it to submit a report directly to the department from

However, few people can really collect useful evidence and fill out any kind of form in real time because most people have neither the time nor right tools to collect enough evidence for proving what they are attempting to report. If someone could provide a real time littering report with good evidence collection methods and reliable submission tools (e.g. apps), it would be useful to help protect driving conditions. It would also help regulate driving behaviors, reduce the overload of collecting littering evidence data and information processing as well as save communication bandwidth and cost, protect environment, and simplify traffic safety administration.

    Therefore, it is necessary to use smart technologies to automatically submit a live littering report with useful evidences. The core idea in this paper defines an intelligent littering report method to analyze contents...