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Method and Apparatus for Measuring Cohesion between Proppant Grains Coated with Surface Modification Agent Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239276D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-24

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The invention disclosed herein provides a method and device that can directly determine the cohesion between the proppant grains that have been coated with a surface modification agent. Formation damage as a result of fines migration is a major reason for productivity decline. The migration of fines caused by fluid flow in the reservoir can cause pore plugging and permeability reduction. Much effort has been invested to remediate the damage of formation caused by fines migration. Gravel-pack completions are typically designed to control formation-sand production. However, fines do often begin to migrate into the pack resulting in permeability damage. Surface modification agents (SMAs) were developed to agglomerate proppant to reduce proppant flow back, prevent fines invasion and migration, and improve fracture conductivity. Different laboratory testing methods have been developed to test for the effectiveness of different SMAs. This paper introduces a new laboratory testing method that can accurately and reliably measure the tackiness or degree of SMA coating on proppant surface. The testing apparatus and method can be easily used in field application as a Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) testing method to determine the effectiveness of the treatment of SMA on proppant.