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Automated System For Payment of Parking Fees Based on 'Space' Concept Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239277D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-24

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Conventional means to pay parking fees may be inconvenient for the motorist. Stopping at the gate, waiting for a ticket to be printed when entering the premises and when leaving, finding the ticket, stopping at the gate and paying are tasks that can be fully automated, as onboard computers able to deliver geolocation information are becoming ubiquitous. The existing or proposed solutions are partially automated but still require some manual steps to be completed. For example payment automation based on short-range communication, still require manual steps to complete (i.e. stop at the gate and hover a smart phone to trigger the transaction using Bluetooth or NFC). Solutions based on RFID technology can achieve some degree of automation but they require additional equipment (RFID tags and readers). Using geolocation information allows the full automation of the process without any additional equipment and no other user action than clicking on a display screen.