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Sametime feature Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239288D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-27
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Exporting & Importing set of instant messaging contacts or groups (which may contain multiple contacts or multiple subgroups) and can share with other instance messaging users using messaging direct send or via direct email to individual or group of folks.

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Sametime feature

The objective is to export and share selected instance messaging tool contacts with other team members and team members should be able to import the contacts directly into their messaging tool contact by importing the exported contact file or by clicking some link on their email.

Currently, messaging tool provides a solution for exporting all contacts which may not be useful if we need to share some specific contacts or groups to new resource.

Exporting set of messaging tool contacts or groups and can share with others using the tool direct send or via direct email to group of folks via the tool messaging .

This will be very helpful for new resources to share team contacts. This will reduce a lot of time to add 10s of contact manually. And enable sharing some set of groups like Operation, SDC, WAS teams.



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Import :


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Unique Features:

1. This can provide exporting contacts for any number of users or groups from existing messaging tool contacts.

2. It can also provide a feature to add set of messaging tool users into his/her messaging tool contact list into a specific group

Additional advantages are:

1. Team can share instance messaging contacts to other team members easily.

2. This feature will save lot of time for the tool users to add each and every contact manually.


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