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Automated activity & location recognition of called user within an Aircraft and corresponding notifications to preferred callers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239289D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-27
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Automated mobile activity (without signal transmission) or location recognition (using Wi-Fi) of an Android user (called user) within an Aircraft and corresponding notifications to preferred callers.

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Automated activity & location recognition of called user within an Aircraft and corresponding notifications to preferred callers

Disclosed is an automated approach to log mobile activity or location of an Android smartphone user (called user) within an Aircraft (with Global Positioning System (GPS) disabled) and notify(using Short Message Service(SMS) etc) preferred callers when active network connectivity is available by matching the timing's of missed calls from call log of smartphone and offline activity/location log stored in a offline database on mobile.

To comply with regulations a Passenger (Called User) with a smartphone activates the "Airplane/Flight mode" while travelling within an Aircraft. As a result of this the Wi-Fi, Cellular (data and voice), Bluetooth functions of the smartphone are disabled automatically. In addition to save mobile battery the Passenger may also disable the GPS to avoid hassle of recharging the mobile phone. Due to above settings the Passenger within an Aircraft cannot place calls or receive any calls from a caller. Additionally, Google Location Services for Android cannot determine current location of the Passenger due to above settings. The Caller hears no response message when calling the Passenger due to lack of any connectivity between the Caller and Passenger mobile phone. The Passenger receives notifications of all missed calls after disabling the "Airplane/Flight mode" on reaching a particular destination. These notifications are stored as missed calls in the call log on the smartphone. The Called User/Passenger then needs to call or send SMS or send instant messages to each of the selective Callers manually to notify why Called User was unable to receive the call or where Called User was located or what activity the Called User was busy with. This approach is not smart is today's mobile world.

The above problem/limitation can be addressed by the following approach:

1. A native Android application installed on the smartphone of the Passenger/Called User. This application will track & log the below information in a scheduled interval in an offline database on smartphone. This database will also maintain a mapping between the mobile application name/ID and an activity/message description to be sent to Callers. The schedule and mapping can be configured & maintained by the Called User. This application can also allow the Passenger/Called User to select preferred contacts...