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Technique for Analyzing Terms and Conditions in License for User Acceptance using Natural Language Processing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239300D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-28
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The article describes a technique for analyzing terms and conditions in license for user acceptance using Natural Language Processing(NLP) tools for benefit of buyers and sellers.

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Technique for Analyzing Terms and Conditions in License for User Acceptance using Natural Language Processing


Problem Statement

• In today's world the terms and conditions are set by sellers of technology. Similarly the terms and conditions are set by buyers of technology to meet the needs of buyers.

• The sellers are motivated to create customized products and associate them with customized terms and conditions to increase revenue, to avoid misuse, to make technology more effective.

• Similarly the buyers are motivated to prevent exploitation by sellers, prevent lock-in to technology, prevent black mail by technology providers, compatibility and support of

products, progressive adaptation of new technologies, ability to scale applications, ability to satisfy SLA's etc.

• Typically the buyers will accept the license blindly due to difficulty in understanding license.

• In the proposed method the buyer shall set the profile as say 1) a developer 2) a corporate user 3) retailer etc.

• For each of the profile, standard expected terms and conditions desired will be available on the users system. The user shall review and customize terms as needed by him.

• The technology seller would have set his own terms and conditions.

• A tool called license compatibility tool (LCT) will compare sellers license with buyers required license terms and assist the buyer to take decision.

• The LCT is a NLP (Natural language processing) tool that can understand buyer and sellers terms-conditions.


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Prior art
Ensuring acceptability of software license agreements or legal agreements


• The embodiment of the prior art sets forth a techniques for ensuring acceptability of legal agreements entered into as part of a computer-facilitated workflow, e.g., for accepting a license agreement while installing software on a computer system owned by an organization. If the license has an approved status in an agreements database, the user can accept the license agreement during the software install process. If the license has a disapproved status in the agreements database, the user then rejects the license agreement during the software install process (or an install mechanism may simply aborts installation of the software). The process for other computer-facilitated workflows is similar.


• In this method license has an approved status in agreement database. Based on this data this technique works.

• In the proposed method it studies licenses and provide report about problems.

Drawback of Existing Solutions

• Sellers impose hidden restrictions.

• Too many terms and conditions for user to study and understand.

• No system to automatically study terms and conditions.

Need for New Solution


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• We need a automated tool that can dynamically study the seller and buyers terms and

provide assistance to user so that he can take effective decision to accept the license.