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A technique for analyzing the trends within a social circle of an individual Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239301D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-28
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The disclosure proposes a technique to analyze the trends within a social circle of an individual across application and which is more relevant to that individual rather than a generic region based trend. The proposed technique automatically collects, analyzes and display social trends to user from her custumized social circle.

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A technique for analyzing the trends within a social circle of an individual

In today's social world various trends gives a fair idea to person about what's happening around. But these trends are associated or calculated based on a larger datasets like world, country or a

particular region. The data and analysis of these trends captured from such big segments may not be relevant to an individual. What would be more relevant is the current and past trends in his social circle or group. Currently there is no such system to collect and analyze trends in a group of people or a social circle.(Like family, friend, professional friends etc)

In real life consider a case where new person joins a team and want to socialize by participating in lunch table discussion. He is not aware of the trending topics among his colleagues, so it will be difficult for him to participate in such discussion directly. There is no system to find out the trends in particular social circle which person is part of.

The available trend analyzer works on the bigger data set which is segmented based on a region, example Google trends. This gives idea about current trending topics at high level for a specific region. It is not possible to get such information manually but this can be done partially by finding out the current trending topics among persons social circle, he needs to manually look at social messages from each member of his social circle. Practically it is not possible to - check each and every friend's "likes" and "shares" on Facebook OR tweets on twitter etc. and analyze them to find a current trend topics among them.

Fig. 1 : Current Trend Analysis System


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The proposed technique allows users to form a group amongst which the trends will be collected and shared. This group of people could be from any part world and not geo location specific.

The data will be collected and stored from user's devices which user agrees to be a part of this system. This collected data will be further analyzed and categorized to identify the current top trends in each of the group.

Anonymity of a user will be maintained at a group level, so the collected data will not have any user identification or device identification stored. This way it is not possible to search for browsing history data of a particular individual in a group. Also the system will provide an option to temporarily stop participating in this exercise; this will help her to protect her activity which she doesn't like to share (banking, dating etc.)

Advantages of proposed technique:

- This technique automatically collects, analyzes and display social trends, no need to manually eyeball all the social activities across various social networking sites (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.)
-This technique also helps in guiding the purchasing decisions based on the current and past trends among the friends which helps individual to maintain his social status in the group.

- The proposed technique hel...