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Technique for securely transmitting attachments from email to local system.

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Publication Date: 2014-Oct-28
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E-mail is a well known communication channel for collaboration in day to day business operations. In most of the Organizations, multiple users share the same computer to access individual mail client. E-mail users save the attachments received through e-mail to a file system without securing the attachments. This invites considerable security threat and access to confidential information through saved attachments. The proposed technique helps to solve the above stated problem by setting password to attachments dynamically, while saving to a file system.

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Technique for securely transmitting attachments from email to local system .

The proposed technique provides a solution for automatically prompting an email user to add password dynamically to the attachments before saving them to the file system. One embodiment of the present invention provides a method for ensuring the attachments intended to be saved from email message to file system are secured with a password. This embodiment eliminates the security risk for data files that are stored on computer system especially in multi-user computer systems. This embodiment eliminates the need to re-initiate password protection post attachment saving from email message to local computer system. This prevents the user from potential risk of keeping data unsecured on multi-user computer system. In this embodiment, the method provides the user with a prompt when the user attempts to save the attachment data files. The user must then provide the password and confirm password to secure the file.


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How the Use Case 1 Works:
1. The email user opens the email containing attachments.

2. The email user opts to save the attachments to the local system
3. The email system save prompt appears with an option to encrypt the attachment with password.
4. The email user checks the set password check box and clicks on save button.

5. The email system prompts the user with password dialog box.

6. The email user enters and reconfirms the password and click on OK button.

7. The ema...