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Split Antenna Telemetry System for Borehole to Surface Communication Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239310D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-28
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Split Antenna Telemetry System for Borehole to Surface Communication


Split antenna telemetry system for borehole to surface communication

This invention is about an antenna configuration for a communication system used to transmit data between a drill string and a surface location.

While drilling for oil, gas or geothermal purpose it is desired to create a bidirectional telemetry system connecting the downhole equipment to a surface location. One challenge with establishing the telemetry system is thereby getting the telemetry data from the surface subassembly of the drill string to a computing device at or near the rig. The surface subassembly is turned and moved up and down the derrick, as drill pipes are added or removed while drilling or tripping. One idea is to connect from the surface subassembly to the computing device by a wireless communication system. This communication system has to be designed such that a constant communication is possible at each position of the surface subassembly. Examples for telemetry systems are mud pulse, EM telemetry, wired pipe and acoustic wave telemetry.

The idea of this invention is to arrange multiple antennas with splitters or switches such that a
specific minimum path loss is maintained despite the spatial movement of the antennas, the obstruction of the line-of-sight path and general multipath propagation issues resulting from metallic obstacles.

There a several embodiments possible: The first described...