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A GPS location name based naming prefix for mobile device camera Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239319D
Publication Date: 2014-Oct-29
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Disclosed is a method related photo name customizing method and the core ideas are 1) Identify location and collect its environmental factors by using GPS, 2) Associate each picture taken by cameras with the present location information, 3) Store them in a repository like thumb database, and 4) Rename pictures during files exporting.

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A GPS location name based naming prefix for mobile device camera

    Nowadays, people can take the photos through various devices by hand, like smart phones, digital cameras, handheld devices, etc,. Especially when we back from the long vacation or travel, we always gain lots of photos for memory. Currently these files are named based on a default name given by the camera manufacture, for example DSC00001.jpg. Most digital cameras today can store a large number of these images. After taking pictures the user is presented with a list of these files with names that have no meaning to the user, for example DSC00001.jpg, DSC00002.jpg, DSC00003.jpg, DSC00004.jpg etc. This information only can help the user to organize the order of photos, but can not help the user exactly know where they taken the photo from. When the user wants to share, print, or display a particular image, the user has to open and look at each file until the desired image is located. Some cameras allow the user to rename the file but with the limited user interface available on most digital cameras, renaming the file is difficult and time consuming.

    The disclosure provides a method related photo name customizing method, which is taken by digital camera.

An aspect of the present invention provides a computer implemented method, and data processing system for an association of pictures taken by cameras with GPS information and environmental factors like nearby restaurants , and present weather information etc into a repository like thumb.db.

    In another aspect of the present invention, there is provided a system for renaming picture during files exporting.

The core idea of the disclosure is as follow...