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Method to create report dashboard on mobile by using tap drag gestures Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239360D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-03
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Viewing Reports in mobile is much more common these days.But sometimes viewing multiple reports at the same time on mobile is quite complex. This method provide an new way to create report dashboard by using smiple tap drag gestures.By using this, user can easily create an new report dashboard, add an report to an existing dashboard and merge to mutiple exsiting dashboards to one.

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Method to create report dashboard on mobile by using tap drag gestures

Nowadays view reports on mobile is a quite common event that happened every day, sometime user wanted to view multiple report at atime, a reporting dashboard can solve this problem.

However the way on mobile to create a report dash board is quite complex, usually user has to pre-create the dashboard with a laptop or PC usingreport software first then use mobile to launch the software and open the report dashboard, or there is a dashboard function for userto create report dashboard in mobile both methods are time costing and not easy to operate.In this invention user will only use their fingers to create report dashboard, this method saves user's time and very easy to use.

Using gestures to operate mobile apps usually make the operation more efficient, more importantly it sometimes can create a new way of using a mobile app, this invention proposes a new method to create report dashboard on mobile by using gestures like tap and drag, the core idea of this invention is that using finger select report 1, drag it on to report 2 then a new report dashboard which contain report A and report B will be created, compared with the traditional way of creating a report dashboard on mobile this method is much more efficient, easy to use and make the reporting apps more flexible.

To create a report dashboard on mobile by using gestures have 3 different scenarios:

1. Report to report

The basic operation unit is to create a dashboard with 2 reports, step. 101 using finger tap on report 1, keep tapping and at the same time drag report 1 towards report 2, step 102 when the icon of report 1 is on the icon of report 2, lift finger, step 103 a new report dashboard contains report 1 and report 2 is created.

FIG.1 Create a report dashboard from report to report

2. Report to dashboard

A report dashboard contains several repor...