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Method to protect printed documents Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239366D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-03
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This disclosure is to describe how to prevent the printed materials exposed in current printer system.

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Method to protect printed documents

A shared printer is visible for all employees in company. Probably you might forget to pick up your printed documents which might be private. This could bring losses for you and your company and violate security policy according to your company for confidential or private materials exposing. So do we have a better

way to avoid this to happen from technical and business perspective?

Here we introduce a new method to protect your printed documents.

In this solution, when we print a document you will receive a notification that asks you to confirm if you already picked up your printed documents. If you choose yes, then the notification won't be sent again. Or else, it will remind you again after a customized time like 5 minutes. Finally if you won't pick up your printed documents after 30 minutes or an hour, the printer will automatically move your printed documents into its locked reservation box, and then send you a reminder that you haven't picked up your printed documents in defined time, and your documents were moved to reservation box, please contact to get it.

The benefits of this solution and method is obvious. It will remind you to pick up your printed documents in time, and even if you totally forget to do that, your printed documents will be protected by moving to locked reservation box by printer and remind you how to get it. This will avoid your printed documents exposed for long time and avoid los...