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Eye Tracking With Mobile Device Use Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239378D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-03
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Disclosed is a system to use eye-tracking detection to prevent dangerous mobile device usage.

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Eye Tracking With Mobile Device Use

Embodiments of a disclosed system enable eye-tracking detection to prevent dangerous mobile device usage, allowing a driver to view a mobile device while the driver's vehicle is stopped and disabling the mobile device when the system detects that the vehicle is moving while the user is still looking at the device.

To enable safe behavior, the system detects attention via visual cues and may also use other ways of detecting. At a high level, steps for implementing the system for eye tracking with mobile device use include:

1. The device senses eye attention

2. The device considers other factors such as motion, user location (e.g., driver's seat), green light sensor, scenery, etc.

3. The device uses the gathered information to determine if a message should be shown on the device or if the device should be disabled

Example Embodiment #1

User A is driving a vehicle and stops at a red traffic light. User A picks up the mobile device, and looks at messages or other applications. The traffic light turns green, but User A does not notice. With the disclosed system, the device gathers information from traffic lights and movements around the vehicle (sensing that the car in front has moved). The system also senses that the user is looking at the device. The system pops-up a message on the device, prompting User A to put the device down and begin driving.

Example Embodiment #2

A heavy machinery operator is using equipment that needs full operator attention. The operator is distracted by receiving a text message. The system senses that the operator is looking at the device while equipment i...