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Spherical suspension with plane-parallel orientation of a contact pressure stamp before electrical contacting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239381D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-04
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Processor Modules (DUT device under test) have to be tested and characterized under power with different temperatures. For that the DUT is electromechanical contacted per stamp which includes the cooling and heating and also the electrical contacts. The problem is to bring the mechanic stamp coplanar on the set before the pneumatic stamp brings the pressure for the contacts. With our solution we get the correct orientation before we start with pressure.

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Spherical suspension with plane -

-parallel orientation of a contact pressure stamp

                     parallel orientation of a contact pressure stamp before electrical contacting

Problems to solve:

* How to save adjustment effort (forward processing).

* How to touch and cool or heat a module w/o causing misalignment towards contact area.

* How to achieve that for large modules with a lot of spring pins to contact (1g / spring pin).

* How to cool or heat with minimal cooling or heating of the surrounding installation (Environment Isolation).

* How to have coplanar alignment Design Under Test DUT to Heating/Cooling Stamp (good thermal contact).

State of the Art till today:

To contact a device under test DUT against a lot of Spring Pins two similar procedures

where used: A pneumatic stamp with solid stack is used to press the DUT against the Spring pins or a pneumatic stamp with link press the DUT against the Spring pins.


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If the first hit does not match from beginning all pressure makes no sense! There are uncontacted pins or shortages may destroy the Pins and Board and also the Contacts of DUT. A shift in horizontal direction may destroy the Spring Pins also.


Effective workflow is achieved by step sequence:

* The "idle state" 4 springs are forcing a small gap of 0.3 mm between calotte in bottom Al plate and spherical screw head. It acts as a free adjusting pivot until it is aligned.

* When touching the module the springs will allow alignment of surface of...