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location based call forwarding system

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239389D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-05
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The call forwarding function is widely used in our daily life. It would make you keep in touch even when you are under some inconvenient conditions. However, there are some certain limitations of the traditional Call Forwarding System, which may be improved and become more convenient. For example, it could only forward to a designated (secondary) number, with specific preconditions, and is inflexible in many circumstances, such as: When user is moving (landline); when user left secondary number (mobile); when the secondary number is powered off or unreachable. In this article, we introduced a much smarter call forwarding system. Under some particular conditions, the cell phone system can automatically/dynamically set call forwarding to the user's friends. E.g., when the mobile phone battery power is low, or there is no signal, or user sets it manually. The phone system will automatically choose an available target friend (according to social contact software), and set call forwarding to him. This function is especially useful when a user's phone loses power or signal, while he is together with his colleges or friends.

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location based call forwarding system

Current call forwarding system can forward a call to a designate phone when phone is powered off, disconnected or without any preconditions. There is a problem that when the owner is moving. He/She may can not get forwarded call by pre-defined number because he left the place of that number. This invention introduced a method to dynamically forward call based on location.

When the mobile phone is near to exhaust power or disconnected or set by user unconditionally, the phone system detect one of the friends(listed in social contact software) and automatically set call forwarding to him. This function can be implemented in the phone or operator system. It's very useful when user's phone lost power or signal and user are together with theirs colleges or friends.

Reference http://www.aptchina.com/faming/3638572/ http://www.faqs.org/patents/app/20130040624 Prior Art

20130040624 - Systems and Methods for Location Based Call Forwarding

Methods and systems for location based call forwarding are disclosed, including determining a location of a first communication device; determining a location of a second communication device; and forwarding a call made to the first communication device to the second communication device if the location of the first communication device and the location of the second communication device are substantially the same.


:: It still requires a secondary predestinated number to forward the call

It still requires a secondary predestinated number to forward the call,


which will not help to alleviate the inflexibility

which will not help to alleviate the inflexibility.


EP 0740480 A2 - Call forwarding in intelligent networks

Intelligent call forwarding is implemented through an intelligent network. The intelligent network includes a Service Switching Point (SSP), a Service Control Point (SCP), and a Service Management System (SMS). A call to a network subscriber is routed to the SSP which is used to detect Call Forwarding "triggers" - conditions which require the SSP to initiate selective Call Forwarding service. When a Call Forwarding trigger is detected the SSP passes the calling party's number to the SCP and requests call handling instructions from the SCP. The SCP provides the call handling instructions, as provisioned by the subscriber, to the SSP, and the SSP then forwards the call in accordance with the instructions. The SMS formulates and sends commands to the SCP for such purposes as changing the stored subscriber instructions or updating service features. By provisioning the SCP with appropriate...