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A Method for Intelligently Recommending Nearby Product/Service Based on Paper Receipt in Real World

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239391D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-05
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Although emerging e-commerce is changing people’s consumption patterns, traditional offline consumption is still irreplaceable due to its experience. Hence, consumer activities are divided into two categories, online and offline. The popularity of smart mobile device gives the possibility to integrate online and offline consumption. Consider about a regular offline consumption process, after a customer gains a product/service, a paper receipt will return back. A paper receipt usually includes following information: 1. Retailer’s basic information(name, address, phone) 2. Transaction time 3. Product/Service list (name,unit price,quantity, total price) 4. Total price 5. Accurate location Customer always throws out the paper receipt when transaction is finished. Consumption information is hardly to reuse because it’s non-electronic. But the consumption information records customer real consuming behavior. If the information can be stored and analyzed, it will bring more business value for both customer and retailer. This invention provide a method for intelligently recommending nearby Product/Service Based on Paper Receipt.With this method, consumption information printed on paper receipt can be read and stored.According to latest and historical consumption information, current customer consumption scenario can be determined intelligently. Finally, real-time product/service that customer is likely to buy will be recommend. Following are main points of this invention. 1. Provide a data read-in interface to read consumption information on paper receipt into a device. Personal consumption information can be stored permanently; 2. Intelligently decide customer consumption scenario based on latest consumption information, personal basic information, historical consumption information and location; 3. Intelligently recommend nearby product/service to customer based on consumption scenario and location. It will bring great benefit to both customer and retailer through this invention. Customer can get their desired product/service conveniently and quickly. Retailer can utilize this channel in which it has so many target customers to promote their product/service.

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A Method for Intelligently Recommending Nearby Product

A Method for Intelligently Recommending Nearby Product/

//Service Based on Paper Receipt in Real World Service Based on Paper Receipt in Real World



.. How it works and How it could be implemented How it works and How it could be implemented

This method is made up by hardware part and software part.

1.1 Hardware part

Hardware part

Hardware part includes three main modules

.They are information collecting component, data storage component and display component .

1. Information collecting component

This component is used to read consumption information on paper receipt.


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An efficient way is to encode consumption information as QR code. The device can scan QR code and read consumption information. This needs to change POS machine a little to print the QR code on paper receipt too. Of course, it's doable.

Sample consumption information includes following fields.

Basic Fields


Field Name


1 Retailer

retailer name

2 Address

retailer's address

3 Phone

retailer's phone number

4 Date

transaction date

5 Total Amount

total money for this transaction

7 Total QTY

total quantity for this transaction



111 Basic Fields Basic Fields

Product/Service Fields


Field Name


1 Item Name

product/service name

2 Unit Price

unit price of a product/ server



4 Subtotal

total money for this item



222 Product



//Service Fields

Service Fields


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2. Data storage component:

This component is used to store consumption data.

3. Display component:

1.2 A screen used to display information.

Software part

Following picture clearly shows how software part works and interacts with customer in a regular consumption scenario.


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1.2.1 Latest Consumption Info Read

Latest Consumption Info Read-


When a customer gets a paper receipt, the customer can read consumption info on this paper receipt into device and store it. As mentioned above, classic consumption info includes transaction basic info, product/service list.

Because the information is stored permanently, customer can review it anytime later.

1.2.2 Scenario Decision

This device can decide consumption scenario intelligently based on below information:



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1. Customer Basic Info

Such as sex, age, industry background and so on. Customer's behavior is always consistent with his/her situation

2. Historical Consumption Info

Learn about customer's consumption preferences.

3. Location

Consider about the activities people always like to do at a given place. Different product/service can be provided in



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different location.

4. Latest Consumption Info

This is the real-time and valuable information for deciding the consumption scenario. It's part of the scenario.

Based on above information, a consumption scenario list sorted by matching degree can be generated. It's easy for customer to select the right one from scenario...