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IBM BCRS Italy Cloud Provisioning

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239412D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-05
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End to end Cloud provisioning automation to deploy complex environment starting from a customer WEB “self-service” portal.

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IBM BCRS Italy Cloud Provisioning

    To deploy from scratch a complex environment and dramatically reducing the RTO (Recovery Time Objective) and RPO (Recovery Point Objective) has been developed a custom solution based on a custom web portal and a suite of automation/provisioning products. Cloud provisioning solution involved several platforms, storage, and network (LAN / SAN) .|

    It is based on three main modules completely integrated:
- WEB portal used by end-user / customer to provide own environment configuration details and to retrieve previously stored configurations.

     The same portal is used by Administrators to validate the project and to start the provisioning
- RDBMS (Relational Data Base) that includes all the information used by provisioning automation and to store projects and histories
- Automation/provisioning products suite integrated with specific "out of the box" work flows

Benefits are many:

Improve capital utilization and significantly reduce new HW investments.

To dramatically reducing provisioning cycle times shared resources can be used instead of

Reduce provisioning RTO time for both allocate and de-allocate operations

Easy in handling multiple concurrent emergency invocations

Improve react time for environment reconfigurations
Reduce IT labor costs in configuration, operation, and management. Improve reliability and quality, eliminating risk associated with human errors.

Configurations to replicate the environment are always available

    The starting point is the "WEB-PORTAL", from which the requester/customer can fill in the required configuration.

After data validation project can be submitted to the automation. All the project are stored and can be retrieved for future utilization.

Below picture shows the flow :


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    A typical application use can be disaster recovery exercises/test and real disaster, with a shared (COLD) or dedicated (WARM) environment solution.

Warm Services

WARM: dedicated storage and data mirroring
Solution as more as possible conforming with "Cloud" policies

Pool of "shared" Hypervisor servers to extract temporary servers to be assigned to
Customers (Virtual Machines generated using temporary dedicated HW) Back-up Server running on a physi...