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A Test Data Driven GUI Automation System and Method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239439D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-07

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This invention presents a system and method to facilitate software GUI automation test in the process of test data driven(TDD). When a software's GUI specification(or User Experience) document is finalized, the software developer could begin the implementation action to delivery such GUI designs. Meanwhile, an automation developer can use the system and method proposed by this invention to start the GUI automation implementation without any dependency on either executable code or developer's interactions. In this means, a real test data driven(TDD) process is ensured and the automation test packages could be prepared before the executable GUI code under test.

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A Test Data Driven GUI Automation System and Method

The invention relates to GUI software automation test during test data driven(TDD) process, which enables defining and implementing GUI automation details after a software's User Experience(UX) specification document is ready and before software is presented.

An existing problem is: TDD automation is wildly adopted in method or API based software under test, but no good automation systems and methods to support TDD automation for GUI software. For GUI automation, most optional existing GUI automation tools depends on the GUI implementation details of the executable software codes, or the heavy communications between software developers and automation developers to understand these details. This is less expected from the view of test data driven and would block a real process of test data driven development. Hence comes the proposals from this invention.

Some existing patents have addressed the issue of software automation with various means and various extent. However, they are designed to perform user scenario simulation and verification based on a given executable software. This dependance would delay the time when the automation system can be introduced in. Neither do they check GUI widget properties per UX specification. Some typical patents have been analyzed:

(1)With "Example design test method for testing based on data driving and automatically testing platform" by XU Zhen Liang from China in 2007, it advocate a system to automatically generate positive and reverse test cases with data driven ideas. It's designed for functional test phase and not equipped with any GUI widgets verification capabilities. User events simulations is covered only by this disclosure.
(2)With "Data-driven automatic testing system and method" by Xue Lu and Lin Pei Xing from China in 2005, it designed a data driven automation method for hardware devices under test. It focus on conventional test activities for communication eletronic devices specially, without capabilities for GUI widget verifications.

(3)With "System and method for testing software using data-driven test variations" by Orville Jay Potter, IV and Michael Robinson from US in 2005, it proposed an automation test framework to provide various test data to simulate user events. It required the software under test as a pre-condition and do not support GUI widget verification neither.

(4)With "Environment based data driven automated test engine for GUI applications" invented Davld Dubovsky and Boca Raton from US in 2001, a method is proposed to provide a data driven test engine for GUI applications which tests all of the features in a single test script . However, the GUI objects' properties information is required to begin all subsequent automation actions. Otherwise, the proposed system could not be triggered to work.

This invention presents a system and method to facilitate software GUI automation test in the process of test data drive...